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Why Choose TSG TSTE

TSG TSTE has been instrumental in furthering the bounds of excellence of the software testing industry. To date, we have been involved with:

1. The development of  syllabi and exams for the ISTQB and BCS certification programmes.

2. The development of the syllabus, course and exams for the iSQI Certification Programme.

3. Speaking at local and international conferences.

Why license or Buy From TSG TSTE?
Co-brand or own brand course materials depending on your purchase model’

We have been developing training courses for sister companies for almost 20-years. In that time, over 98% people who have sat our courses rated them as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

Our courses are developed by people with at least 20-years’ experience of training, testing work at the coal face and developing both certificated and practical courses for the software testing market.

How TSG TSTE helps

Our training courses are carefully designed and mapped to meet the requirements of the different roles and levels of experience in the testing life cycle. From entry to management level, each of TSG TSTE’s certified and practical courses have a series of defined learning objectives and can be linked with experience levels defined by SFIA™.

How TSG TSTE works with you

You can buy our course outright or license them. If you buy outright then you have the opportunity to put your own branding on the materials. We still allow this with licensing, but insist that the TSG-TSGE logo and copyright statements remain in place

If you do opt to work with us then we can offer Train the Trainer Programmes, consultative work to get you up to speed with delivery and sales and marketing and, importantly with getting certified by your local ISTQB board to deliver

How our courses develop your customers

We offer a series of courses from our specialist Long Term Software Testing Engineer Devleopment programme. Within the programme is a series of streams based on experience and desired competencies. Much of the courseware included in the programme is available to license or but outright.

Our training courses and programmes can be structured in different ways to suit the needs of you and your organisation.

Training that is right

We work with you to define your training needs based single or multiple skilled roles defined by your organisational skills requirements so that your staff get the training they need for them to do the job you want them to do.

Training Model

If you want just a few people trained, then come to our sister company, TSG Training, where we offer public, private and online courses to suit all needs.

But if you want to train lots of people, either internally or as a training company to your own market then come to us – we’ll work with you to give you the right courses and desired outcomes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or going to our contact us page here

Meet Some of the Team

Bernard Malson

Bernard Melson
Managing Director

Bernard has worked with small and large organizations alike to define, implement and execute strategies and plans linked to the needs of business, its overall owners and shareholders’ goals. Working alongside key individuals, he has brought about necessary and desired change to bring efficiencies that improve the way companies work and to realize an increased return on their investment, be that in IT, Learning & Development or commerce in general

With over 40 years’ experience in IT and business, Bernard has developed a strong set of skills as a business leader, consultant and trainer from his time working in the banking, legal, manufacturing and legal sectors.

Most recently, Bernard has launched TSG Training and turned around Testing Solutions Group before selling it in an MBO to his then management team in 2016.

An experienced player, Bernard strives to bring about the results that key stakeholders desire, be they business owners, charitable trusts or commercial organizations.

Paula Jones
Business Development Manager

Paula has extensive knowledge of the learning industry and have helped many clients with finding the appropriate training that meets theirs and their companies needs. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years I have an in depth knowledge all IT related training and can advise on many subjects. The best part of my role is speaking with and meeting clients to work out the best solution for them at the best price. We have a great team here at TSG TSTE and enjoy team work!

Matthew McLiddy
Digital Marketing Manager

Matthew is creative and enthusiastic individual with a passion for first class, results-focused search engine optimisation digital marketing. Matthew is committed to utilising new techniques and developments to improve online metrics for TSG TSTE that make a difference to there digital performance.

Taking pride in my versatility and ability to adapt easily to changing situations, I have excellent communications, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Able to withstand pressure, I have a positive attitude and am a motivated self-starter.

John Young
Principal Consultant

John Young is a Principal Consultant at TSG TSTE. He has extensive experience in the development and delivery of training and skills transfer solutions in the disciplines associated with software testing and quality. As well as certification training, John also uses his experience as a tester to provide bespoke training and coaching in the practical, effective application of theoretical concepts in a workplace context.

He has over 25 years’ experience in test execution, test analysis, test and project management, quality management, process improvement and training roles on both public sector and private sector projects. John is a BCS and ISTQB accredited trainer and a member of the UKTB Technical Assurance Group.

Rosie Sheldon
Senior Trainer

Rosie is a Test Manager/Team Leader with extensive experience of leading teams of test analysts, Agile, structured testing, QA and business analysis in a variety of blue chip environments (insurance, financial services and retail). Rosie currently trains others from this experience to pass a variety of ISTQB, ISEB and iSQI courses.