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ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course

About the Course

Course Duration: 3 days

The ISTQB  Software Testing Foundation Course 2018 syllabus  covers the fundamentals of software testing, providing delegates with the necessary foundations for a career as a software testing professional.

This three-day intensive tutor-led course with the exam at the end,  includes exam preparation, revision and the examination on the afternoon of the third day. It is fully-accredited by UKTB on behalf of ISTQB and has been rated SFIAplus level 3 by the BCS.

After successfully completing the course and passing the exam, delegates should be able to:

  • Use a common language for efficient and effective communication with other testers and project stakeholders
  • Understand established testing concepts, the fundamental test process, test approaches, and principles to support test objectives
  • Design and prioritize tests by using established techniques
  • Analyze both functional and non-functional specifications (such as performance and usability) at all test levels for systems with low to medium levels of complexity
  • Execute tests according to agreed test plans, and analyze and report on the results of tests
  • Write clear and understandable incident reports
  • Effectively participate in reviews of small to medium-sized projects
  • Be familiar with different types of testing tools and their uses; and assist in the tool selection and implementation process

Who is it for ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course for?

The ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Certificate is principally aimed at anyone directly involved in software testing, who needs to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts, such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test leads, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.

It is also ideal for all those who have an interest in understanding the basic concepts of software testing, and so is additionally appropriate for project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors and management consultants.

 About ISTQB and the ‘Certified Tester’ Scheme

Founded in 2002, ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a not-for-profit association legally registered in Belgium, comprising 50+ national boards (including the UK Testing Board) covering 71 countries worldwide.

ISTQB has defined the Foundation certification as part of their ‘Certified Tester’ scheme that, with over 500,000 certifications, has become the de facto world-wide standard for software testing qualifications.

The ‘Certified Tester’ scheme:

  • Provides a set of professional qualifications widely-recognised by employers, customers and peers
  • Enables software suppliers to hire and train certified testers and thereby gain commercial advantage over their competitors by advertising their tester recruitment and development policies
  • Enables comparison of testing skills across different countries, testers to move across country borders more easily, and multi-national/international projects to have a common understanding of testing issues
I enjoyed your training so much and passed the exam first time! I loved your style of teaching”.

Luiza Precup, YOTI

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the Certified Tester Foundation Level qualification are that the candidate should have a basic working knowledge of IT.

On arrival at the course candidates should have read the provided Syllabus in preparation for the course. The course is intensive and those delegates who have prepared achieve a higher exam success rate.

The Exam

The exam will be held on the last day of the course in the afternoon. To qualify as an internationally-recognized Certified Foundation Level Tester and be issued with an ISTQB® Foundation Level Certificate, delegates must successfully pass the exam:

  • The examination consists of a one-hour exam with 40 multiple choice questions.
  • It will be a ‘closed book’ examination i.e. no notes or books will be allowed into the examination room.
  • Duration of 60 minutes (or 75 minutes for candidates taking examinations that are not in their native language)
  • The pass mark is 65% (26 out of 40).

Course Objectives

The objectives for the Certified Tester Foundation Level qualification are to:

  • prepare candidates for the Foundation Certificate in Software Testing based on the ISTQB syllabus
  • improve understanding of software testing – its purpose and nature – and to raise awareness of issues and constraints around testing
  • learn standard terminology
  • introduce test techniques (static, white & black box) to delegates as well as providing practical experience of key techniques
  • provide a complete picture of the test processes from requirements review to system implementation
  • provide delegates with an environment that supports their learning and impart them with the necessary confidence and means to support their future career as a test professional

Syllabus – Key points

  • Software Testing Fundamentals
  • Testing throughout the software life cycle
  • Static Techniques
  • Test Design using black and white box techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tools support for testing

34 reviews for ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Course

  1. Dhivya Thiruginanam | Testing Specialist | RBS

    I attended the course to gain certification, I was very happy with the pre-course organisation and administration. The course met all my objectives and I was very satisifed with the course overall.

  2. Matthew Workman | Tester | Living Map

    I found the course met my ojectives and was very satisfied with the course content. The trainer was excellent

  3. Wayne Joseph | QA Analyst | Creative Technologies

    I attended this course to fill in my knowledge gap. I was very satisifed with the course which met all my objects. The course tutor was excellent

  4. Alexandra Gonce | QA | Amelco Ltd

    I attended this course to learn about the foundation of testing and to become a better tester. I was very satisfied with the course and it met all my objectives. The trainer Angelica was excellent.

  5. Usman Ali

    I did an ISTQB Tester Foundation course with TSG and the entire experience was amazing.

  6. Edward Rainbow | Operations Consultant | Savanta

    I attended the course to gain knowledge of software / IT Workings / Testing and to gain a qualification in the process. The course met all my objectives and the trainer was excellent

  7. Chris Rose | KPMG

    Trainer was excellent, would of preferred a longer timescale but this is restricted by KPMG

  8. Kate Hawkins | Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    The teacher was excellent!! Quite a lot of information to process in such a short space of time, a extra day would be preferable.

  9. Ayao Akin| Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    Trainer was excellent, would of liked the content to be spread over more days.

  10. Nicola Mcdermott| Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    Training was excellent would of liked more exercises and homework though.

  11. Rebecca Barosi | Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    Trainer was great!! I think there needs to be a separate day for exam and learning days

  12. Manisha Arora | Tech Consultant |KPMG

    The trainer was excellent, however we could have more preperation time and study time

  13. Nicole Anton | Data and Tech Consultant |KPMG

    The trainer was excellent and the course was well delivered. However we could have done with a longer timeframe to complete the course.

  14. Andrew Green | Capita

    Interesting course, glad I attended it, fills in the gaps of knowledge. I believe it’s useful for testing and appropriate to learn

  15. Hannah Holmes

    Rosie was very good made it clear and relatable

  16. Cheryl Wigfall | QA Test Analyst | Switch Studios

    Rosie explains and teaches very clearly and througly

  17. Daniel Lubarski | Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    Excellent organisation, resources and time management

  18. Megan Agalewatte | Graduate Trainee | KPMG

    I did not receive any pre-reading however the trainer Rosie was amazing

  19. Irina Crump

    The course was virtual (because of the Covid-19). However I didn’t have any problem connecting to it. John Young is a brilliant trainer, he has examples for everything and his drawing really helps. Thank you John, much appreciated.

  20. Panagiotis Omiliadis | IT Software Tester | European Dynamics SA

    Although the trainer showed that she had a good knowledge of the course, and tried to make it interesting with comments in between, it was somehow monotone, so sometimes it was difficult to follow the trainer. Some more examples would have been helpful.

  21. Konstantina Zioga | Software Tester | European Dynamics SA

    The course was very interesting. However I believe that such trainings should be taught with physical presence. It was the first time I had online training, and I realize how much I missed the personal interaction with the trainer, and the communication during the lesson with my colleagues. I know this training was offered via internet due to the situation. I hope the level ISTQB level to be organised in a classroom. Rosie was of course there in order to solve our concerns and questions, but I feel it would be nice if she could see us shaking our head for a “yes” when she was asking questions. Regarding with the exams, personally I disagree with the fact that we were not allowed to have a paper. It was time consuming. Also, it would be better to have a 5-min practice in the exam environment, to see how it behaves. I had many times interruptions due to the demand to refresh the screen share.
    Extra comment: In homework sample questions, in page 41 the question 55 has a typo. Instead of answer “A”, it says “D”

  22. Garifalia Koinari | Software Developer | European Dynamics

    Course was very good.

  23. Stamatis Tzatzakis | Software Tester | European Dynamics

    Course was very good. However, exams with Proctor Exam was horrible.

  24. Andreas Zimnas | Senior Software Engineer / Technical Manager | European Dynamics

    Rosie did an excellent job, giving us also the information we needed to successfully complete the examination.

  25. Pranay Patel | Business Solutions Programmer | Euroclear

    Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I think John managed the course very well. He set a strong, consistent pace and explained all the content very well as well. I think the course content was a little heavier to understand towards the end of the first day and the first half of the second, especially as I have not had any experience in testing, which made it slightly harder to retain the theory.

  26. Panagiotis Omiliadis | Software Tester | European Dynamics SA

    The trainer showed that she had the knowledge, but it was a little bit monotone. Some more examples and a little bit richer explanation would have been great.

  27. Eftychia Nalpantidou | Java Developer | European Dynamics

    The course was quite interesting and the extra material was really helpful and adequate.

  28. ???? TOURSIDOU | IT Consultant | European Dynamics

    It was an online course due to the corona lock-down. The presentation was very good and the trainer spoke very clearly and was very friendly. However, there was no interaction between the participants and the trainer. Furthermore, we could not take exercises in teams. Hence my preference is training in a class.
    In my opinion, online training should be distributed over time. For example, once a week an online course and then prepare a task. The online exam also is not very comfortable. I prefer a written exam. Please in the next online exams allow the use of a notepad or sheet of paper. It’s not very convenient to write on an online notepad

  29. Will Blakeney | Apprentice Software Tester | HMRC

    John was very helpful in explaining everything I needed to learn for the ISTQB exam, he was also very friendly and approachable. I was initially a bit worried about the remote learning, but John made the change from classroom learning to remote learning very easy.

  30. Nicholas Hammond | Test Analyst | A2Dominion

    The training course was excellent

  31. Louise Hewett | Ux and Test Analyst | Quilter

    It was difficult on both sides due to having to work from a ppt presentation all day. Both from a feedback to the trainer who couldn’t see out faces and for ourselves. BUT we were allocated breaks to avoid screen eyes and this was much appreciated. Generally well taught. We were just surprised that a large part of the course involved exam technique. Exam technique was extremely useful. I’m not very good at working and doing homework from PDFs so plan to print off the course work and review that way before the exam.

  32. Ben Poore | Senior Test Analyst | Quilter

    John kept everyone engaged over the 3 day course and made sure that everyone understood the material before moving on. This is difficult to do via a video conference but was successfully achieved by John.

  33. Ali Hussain | Software Test Analyst | HRA

    I found the course to be very good with great detail. I would definitely say it was worth attending.

  34. Sophie Pearson | PTP Business Analyst | Old Mutual Wealth

    Very informative, John was super helpful

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