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Selenium WebDriver JavaScript

About the Course

Course Duration: 3 days in the classroom or 5 days online

Price From: TBC


Private Course: Click Here

This course covers all the essential principles of using the Selenium WebDriver JS automation framework in Visual Studio Code.

Designed for beginners as well as testers with previous automation experience, it takes the new-comer to Selenium through all the basic techniques of writing effective automated web tests.

Delivered over 5 online sessions (each session is approximately 3.5 hours and can be accessed from any web browser). The training is live, instructor-led. Workbooks are provided as e-workbooks

Key Technologies used

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • Mocha, Chai
  • NodeJS & npm
  • WebDriverJS 3

Entry Requirements

  • A basic understanding of HTML and how Web Pages are developed would be helpful though not essential
  • Some programming experience would be advantageous – The course is based on WebDriver JavaScript, but does not teach you JavaScript.


There is no exam requirement for this course.

Course Objectives

The introductory course that shows you how to use Appium to start testing mobile devices, emulators and Windows 10 Apps.

Syllabus – Key points

Introduction to JavaScript

An overview of the History & Terms, Basic Syntax, Browser Dev Tools & the Console

JavaScript in the IDE

IDEs, VS Code, Node & Npm, Setting up the workspace, executing JS, VS Code features.

First Test Case – WebDriverJS

What is Selenium? Selenium Projects, installing WebDriverJS and Browser drivers, creating our first script

Object Identification

Element locator strategies, Chrome Developer Tools and other extensions, Regular Expressions, Index, Xpath functions

Simple WebDriver Tests

Creating a simple test, execution & failures, debugging tools


JavaScript Asynchronous nature, Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await, Adding Delay, Implicit versus Explicit Waits, common examples


Node Asserts, Chai Asserts, Chai Styles, installing and using Chai


What is Mocha? Why use Mocha, Installation, using Mocha, Mocha Options, Hooks, Mocha Timeouts, Execution options


Mocha¬†–report¬†option, installing and using Mochawesome, writing to the results

Helper Libraries

Reusable code, writing, exporting & importing methods from modules, Common examples

Introducing Page Objects (POM)

Introduction to why we do it and how it reduces maintenance. Refactoring our tests to use a page object model. Developing a library of pages (POMs)

Handling Web Elements

Handling Web Tables, Drop-Down lists, executing JavaScript in the Browser, Keyboard input & more

Source Control

Integrating VS Code with Git & GitHub, adding our project to Source Control

Continuous Integration

Command-line execution, integration with Jenkins


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