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VeriSM™ Foundation

About the Course

Course Duration: 3 days
Exam Fees Included

Price: £1145

VeriSM™ is a service management approach that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes.

It describes how an organisation can define its service management principles and then use organisational capabilities, emerging technologies and a combination of management practices to deliver value. The Foundation Certificate is a direct introduction to VeriSM™ and service management for the digital age.

We strongly recommend that this course is run across 3-days but it is also available in a 2-day format.

Entry Requirements


The Exam

  • In classroom invigilated by tutor
    • 40 multiple choice questions over maximum of 60 minutes
    • Pass mark 26/40 (65%)

Course Objectives

• The Service Organization
• Organisational context
o Define key elements of an organization
o Define how to optimise organisational interactions
• Organisational governance
o Define the elements of organizational governance (evaluate, direct, monitor)
o Explain how governance “flows” through an organization
• Digital transformation
o Define the impact of new technology on organizations
o Describe the impact of digital transformation on service management

Service Culture
• People and Organisational Structure
o Define a service culture
o Explain the elements of a service culture
• Organisation structure
o Define the differences between a leader and a manager
o Explain the competencies of the service management professional
o List the elements of a well-functioning team
• Service management challenges
o Explain methods to overcome team challenges (silos, virtual teams)
o Explain the challenges of managing consumers
o Describe the elements of communication
o Explain organisational change principles

The VeriSM™ Model

·        Define the elements of the VeriSM™ model

·        Explain how VeriSM™ re-defines service management

·        Explain how VeriSM™ uses the management mesh to create and stabilize services

·        Explain the elements within each of the four stages of the VeriSM™ model

o    Define; Produce; Provide; Respond

·        Adapting the VeriSM™ model

o    Define the process of selecting and integrating management practices.

·        Explain the characteristics of successful operating models


Progressive Practices

·        Indicate the success factors for adopting progressive management practices

·        Clarify the key concepts and when to apply Agile, DevOps, SIAM™, Lean as a management practice


Innovative Technologies

·        Impact of Technology

·        Summarize the implications of technology on service management

·        Explain the benefits of cloud, virtualization, and automation

·        Explain the impact of big data, internet of things, mobile computing,bring your own device on service management

·        Describe serverless computing, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and containerization


Getting Started with VeriSM™

·        Identify how to get started

·        Describe how to move from reactive to proactive operations


Syllabus – Key points


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