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How You Can Buy

We offer a number of flexible plans to suit every customer and tailor our offering to suit individual, organisational requirements. Whether you want to use our materials for the short or the long-term, we can create a bespoke plan for you.

If you are keen to start or expand a training business hen the ideal solution is to buy our course materials outright for use in your own country or broader territories.

However, you may wish to take a shorter-term view, in which case we offer a licence on an annual basis or a pre-agreed number of seats for use at any time.

Course Delivery

The courses are proven in both classroom and virtual formats. For years, people have successfully attended our courses in our classroom or an offsite location. Equally, the courses are proven to offer effective results in the virtual classroom format.

What To Buy

Certificated Courses
If your clients want certification, then our ISTQB and BCS courses will provide the right level of learning and qualification, mapped to international standards.

Practical Courses
We offer a wide range of practical courses that allow students to learn in an open environment where they have an opportunity to practice learning before returning to their workplace.

What You Get

Each course is packed with the right level of information to help your students learn, and your trainers deliver. Each fully tested, proven and certificated courses contain;

· All slide materials

· Trainer notes

· Delegate manuals

· Exercises and mock exams (for certificated courses)

· Course overviews and marketing materials.

Help With Accreditation

Accreditation for delivery of certified courses is a must as it proves a value and basis of competence that clients will look for. Fortunately, our materials are already accredited; you only need to get your organisation and trainers accredited, which we can assist with.

You can, if you wish, apply for accreditation of the materials in other countries. However, this is optional and not necessary to get you started in training. You can still generate income in training, or save money by training your own staff internally, with or without international accreditation.

Training Your Trainers

Your trainers will need to become familiar with our courses and understand how to deliver them. We can get you up to speed quickly.

We can do this by running a course for your trainers. Alternatively, your trainers can sit in one of our courses open to the public. This can either take place in-person or virtually.

Maintaining The Courses

Any courses you purchase from TSG must be kept up to date with syllabus changes or market trends. You might choose to maintain materials you purchased outright yourself. Alternatively, we can also do this for an annual fee. Such an option also includes any re-accreditation, where necessary, which is another thing you won’t have to worry about.

Starting A New Or Modified Training Business?

The cost barrier of course development and entry to the market is significant. Consequently, it just makes sense to get your hands on proven and accredited materials so that you can start training immediately, safe in the knowledge that they are proven to work successfully. What’s more, we can maintain the materials for you so that they’re always relevant and up to date.